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About us

At internationaltutors we specialise in preparing students for International examinations. Our English Language and mathematics programmes are specifically designed to help children prepare for Cambridge English Assessments and Cambridge International Mathematics Assessments, We also prepare students for entrance examinations for UK independent schools and for private schools in Europe and North America.

Private tutoring is becoming increasingly popular, which is hardly surprising as it is particularly effective in improving not only a student’s academic grades, but also their practical understanding of wide range of subjects.

There are many reasons why receiving tuition can have such a positive impact on a student’s abilities.

It is generally recognized that there are 8 benefits of private tuition for students.

  • Customised Lessons.
  • One-to-one teaching, more time and attention.
  • Can choose the right teacher.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Help with homework and test practice.
  • More interesting materials and form of study.
  • Flexible and convenient.
  • Saves time and effort.

Why choose us

40 years of total teaching experience

Individual learning plans for all students

Native English speaking teachers

Unique methods of teaching for children aged 3 and up

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